Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Making moulds for African Bee Trading. Tutorial Part 2


This week we will make a resin “template” so you can make a multi cavity mould.

Last week we made the single cavity mould that would then allow us to make resin templates.

Below you can see the single cavity mould all made up. This will be the “template” that I will use to make all the resin positives.



You will need:

  • Smooth Cast resin 300 series from AMT part A and B.
  • A stirring stick
  • A disposable container to mix in big enough to hold part A and B
  • The mould that I made last week


Mixing and pouring the resin:

  • Place your mould on a flat surface and within easy reach to pour the resin into it.
  • Mix your resin according to the manufacturers instructions. You will need to work fast as there is a very short pot life. I.e it sets quickly so have everything ready.
  • Pour the resin into to silicone mould
  • You will need to repeat this as many times as you want for the amount of cavities you wish your mould to have.

                DSCN0033              DSCN0037

Next week we will make the large cavity mould

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