Monday, 23 September 2013

Soap Cutter and an obsession

I have been trying to get a multi bar cutter or make one for quite some time.

You may have seen some of my posts about this. Years ago I started with this basic cutter then I progressed to this which was great but still only cut one slice at a time. I then tried to make this multi bar cutter myself but there were a few problems like - it just didn't work that well. So I was back to cutting one at a time with this cutter. It is a really great cutter BUT I do not have the strength to cut hundreds of bars one at a time. Ever since my back and neck operations I just cannot do it. It also doesn't make good business sense to spend so much time on this. After much deliberation I decided to try again only this time it is not a multi cutter. It still only cuts one at a time but is like a hot knife in butter and is so easy my staff can also use it.



It is not very pretty and consists of many different types of wood but it works REALLY well. And the most satisfying part is that I made it myself! Now that I have this great cutter I have turned to a new obsession - Mantra Swirl. I LOVE this technique. You may have seen this post recently on a Mantra soap I made. So I have now gone bananas and made about 6 batches.

Mantra Blues 0813-006 DSCN0030

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

French Inspiration

I have been trying out new techniques and am inspired by anything Vintage, French at the moment.

French Vintage-003  French Vintage-010

They were top seller at my last market.

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