Monday, 30 June 2014

Soap Stamps

I have been working with a company who can make acrylic stamps and this is a tester they made for me.

Soap Stamps (10)  Soap Stamps (6)

I am really happy with the results so watch out for them on our website in the shop. You will be able to order your own custom made stamps very soon.

Soap Stamps (1)

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Making an M and P Landscape - a tutorial



In 2012 I did some M and P tutorials from a book I bought called SoapyLove. You can see them here and here and here. I recently re-read this book and realised how much fun it is. I decided to do another one of Debbie's projects.

You will need:
Clear Melt and Pour Base
Titanium Di Oxide
Blue Mica
Green Chrome Oxide
Moulds - I used a clean margarine tub
Jugs to microwave/melt the soap
Stirrers or spoons
IPA - to spritz away bubbles
Cookie cutters for the clouds
Craft knife for the grass
Fragrance oil

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How to:
Making the Grass and clouds: Melt the clear soap and add premixed Green Chrome oxide and a little Titanium Di Oxide to the melted soap. Stir and pour into the mould.
Do the same with the clear soap base and add Titanium Di Oxide to it. Pour in to mould.
DSCN0001    DSCN0006
When the soap base is hard remove the white and green layers and cut out your clouds and grass
DSCN0007    DSCN0011
Melt some clear base (this will be for the bottom/top layer) and in another jug some more clear, we will add blue and white to this for the sky. When they are melted pour the clear into the mould. Immediately after place your grass and clouds into the poured base and spritz with IPA to remove any bubbles.
Take your other clear jug and add the blue oxide a little titanium Di Oxide to make a pale blue. Add your fragrance oil (1% of the soap base) . Spritz the clear layer with IPA (this helps the layers stick together)and pour this over the clear base. Make sure the clear layer is spongy and hard enough to support the blue layer. If not then you will get blue soap breaking through the clear layer.

DSCN0016    DSCN0023


#Riverlea Soap


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